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50 SHades of JongKey update….

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Kissable lips


jongkey; 2,280w; pg-13; tutor/student!au

prompt by blingbling-isjonghyun: Kibum is Jonghyun’s personal English tutor and Jonghyun’s only interested in the teacher and not the subject.

a/n: dunno how to feel about this but currently i hate my writing so this is the best I could come up with for now ;n; (oh and jjong is 18 and bum is 17)

Jonghyun had never been the best student but he wasn’t the worst either. Yet, there was one subject he just failed year after year no matter how much he studied (or pretended to study but actually lazed around). His parents thought that maybe an English tutor might be the right thing to help their son. That would have possibly worked, if it wouldn’t have been for the fact that Jonghyun got so distracted by his attractive tutor that he could hardly focus on what those alluring pinkish lips tried to teach him.

“Jonghyun!” his tutor exclaimed in mild annoyance, waving his hand in front of the brunet’s face to gain his attention back.

Blinking, Jonghyun averted his gaze from pouty lips and lifted his gaze to his almond eyes, humming questioningly.

“You’re spacing out. Again.” The other huffed, glaring at his student.

“Sorry, Kibummie. I swear, if you’d just let me kiss you once I’d totally focus for the rest of the lesson.” Jonghyun whined, placing his chin in his palm and gazed at said teenager with large, pleading eyes.

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Dickachu, I Choose You! {JongHo}


Minho was awfully lovey lately, and Jonghyun just figured out why. Though Minho was younger than Jonghyun, Minho was, without a doubt, the dominant one in the relationship.

Tagging along behind Jonghyun into the bedroom, Minho shut the door, and not but a brief moment later was he on top of the…